Treasury may accelerate TARP bank exits

The Treasury could also auction off its TARP investments to private equity firms or push community banks to merge. In fall 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the plan to inject $205.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. International Group Inc., and allowed Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. to go into bankruptcy. The bank portion of TARP, criticized by both Republicans and Democrats.

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The troubled asset relief Program (TARP) is a program of the United States government to purchase toxic assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector that was passed by a Democratic Party controlled Congress and signed into law by Republican Party President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008.

HousingWire | Treasury may accelerate TARP bank exits. Details Published on Monday, 20 August 2012 17:34 The Treasury Department may offer more stock it holds in bailed out banks as profits from its sales in larger firms cover the losses, according to some analysts..

In the report, the Treasury anticipated it will exit from investments in AIG and the automotive industry “much faster than anyone predicted.” The report said AIG has announced a restructuring plan.

The Treasury could accelerate its sale of agency. Most of the remainder of TARP holdings would likely need to be liquidated at a significant discount due to the il liquidity of small bank holdings..

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"TARP’s bank programs succeeded in stabilizing our financial sector and have already earned a significant profit for the taxpayer." Treasury lost about $50 million in its first auction of preferred shares, recouping just $362 million of the $411 million it originally invested in the six banks.

Since December 2008, the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) has committed $62 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funding to General Motors (GM) and Chrysler. Under GAO’s mandate to oversee TARP, this report addresses (1) how restructuring with federal assistance has affected GM’s and Chrysler’s financial condition, (2) what Treasury has done to ensure that it disinvests in GM.

Regent Bank’s agreement with the U.S. Treasury to exit the bailout program resulted in a multi-million dollar loss to taxpayers. Regent Bank’s agreement with the U.S. Treasury to exit the.