The greatest heist in our country’s history

Smart News Keeping you current After Twenty-Three Years, FBI Says It Finally Knows Who’s Responsible for the Largest Unsolved Art Heist Ever Twenty three years ago today, thieves pulled off one.

It was the death of the deus ex machina – the hope that a G-man of mythic abilities would decisively intervene on the side of.

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The greatest heist in history March 10, 2015 The vast majority of Americans have been the victims of one of the biggest and longest-lasting robberies in history.

For a book that’s (essentially) about economics, History’s Greatest Heist is surprisingly readable. mcmeekin writes compellingly about the drier aspects of the gold trade by putting it in a geopolitical context.

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Money Heist - Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix To celebrate the eagerly-awaited release of heist comedy Going in Style, starring Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, here are seven real heists that shook the world. In March 2016 seven.

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History has taught us that no matter how big the trap, there’s always a sneaky mouse willing to steal the cheese. Here are some of history’s greatest heists. 1.

The Antwerp diamond heist, dubbed the "heist of the century", was one of the largest robberies in history. Thieves stole loose diamonds, gold, and jewellery valued at more than $100 million. It took place in Antwerp, Belgium, during the weekend of 15-16 February 2003.

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The heist inspired three films: 10 Million Dollar Getaway, the Big Heist, and Goodfellas. It was rumored that American gangster, Jimmy Bruke, was the mastermind of the heist though was never formally charged. It has also entered history by being the longest crime to ever be investigated with the latest of the arrests being made in 2015. #8.

And well it should, being that it is one of the largest, most audacious robberies not only in American history, but in global bank robbery history, too. The robbers, who were all related either by blood or marriage, broke in a branch of the United California Bank on a March evening in 1972, leaving with thirty million dollars.