Nearly two-thirds of Americans sense double-dip recession

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A majority of Americans (54 per cent) believe that the country is still a recession, with four out of 10 seeing signs of recovery. A mere three per cent believe that the recession is over. About half of those surveyed (48 per cent) said they are in worse financial shape now than before the recession began.

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Two-thirds of American expect a double-dip recession. A number of experts have observed that economists who have called an end to the recession are out of step with the public.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the economy has yet to hit bottom, meaning a double-dip recession is expected, a nationwide survey from Citigroup showed Thursday. The quarterly report,

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9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Almost two in three Americans (65%) say a double-dip recession – defined as a recession. With consumers accounting for nearly two-thirds of economic activity in the.

Two-thirds. in three Americans (65%) say a double-dip recession – defined as a recession followed by a short-lived recovery, followed by another recession – is now likely to happen. Among those who.

Overall, nearly two thirds of Americans, 64 percent, expect that the nation will still be in a recession next year, while another 18 percent fear a depression is coming. Just 16 percent believe the recession will be over a year from now. Those Americans who are unemployed expressed grave concern about the labor market.

Nearly half of those who Lost Ground (48%) say their family incomes declined during the recession-more than three times the proportion of those who Held their Own (14%). Similarly, nearly two-thirds of those who Lost Ground say their family’s overall financial condition is worse now than it was before the recession.