Mortgage rates hit all-time lows (again)

Later, the 15-year fixed hit the lowest point ever, sinking to 2.56%. I never really took the time to see how low rates were back then, but I finally.

The benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage saw a slight uptick this week to 3.95 percent from 3.94 percent, according to Bankrate’s weekly survey of large lenders. The big news is the rate tumbled.

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) – Rates on fixed-rate mortgages hit record lows this week. bond yields declined allowing fixed mortgage rates to ease to new all-time record lows this week,” Frank Nothaft,

In what can only be described as cruel irony, the number of jobs in the mortgage industry continue to disappear as rates hit all time lows. Traditionally, all time lows in mortgage rates have resulted in a refinance boom, increased hiring by mortgage companies and hefty paychecks for mortgage.

The 30-year fixed-rate average hasn't been this low since September. Mortgage rates followed suit, hitting their lowest levels since late 2017.

. survey released this morning (for the week ending November 11), Freddie Mac said that 30- and 15-year mortgage rates hit all-time new lows. Here’s the summary: * The 30-year fixed rate mortgage.

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MORTGAGE RATES HIT NEW ALL TIME LOW – 30 YEAR FIXED AT 3.625%. Last week saw a huge MBS rally, pushing mortgage rates to new all time lows. The MBS Market closed last week trading down (+ 103 bps).. This rally started on Wednesday when the FOMC announced that the Federal Fund Rates (The rate at which the Federal Reserve loans to other banks) would remain at "exceptionally low levels.

5 days ago. This week's rate is 0.61 percentage points lower than the 52-week average.. Mortgage applications dip again. “Borrowers have been less sensitive to low rates as many borrowers have either recently refinanced or are.

Mortgage rates just hit the “undo” button. Already. This is a great time for home buyers and homeowners to lock in a low fixed mortgage rate.

Record low rates spur mortgage application filings Consumer confidence hits six-month low Blog posts’ might be the answer. But I have read blogs for many years and most blog posts are the triumph of the hare over the tortoise. They are meant to be read by a few people on a weekday in 2004 and never again, and are quickly abandoned-and perhaps as Assange says, not a moment too soon. (But isn’t that sad?Rates remain at record lows. A basis point is one-hundredth of 1 percentage point. The mortgages in this week’s survey had an average total of 0.36 discount and origination points. One year ago, the mortgage index was 5.25 percent; four weeks ago, it was 4.53 percent.

In what has become an almost weekly occurrence mortgage rates hit new all time lows. The 30 year rate fell from 4.56 to 4.54 this week. Rates have either reached new lows or matched old lows for 5 consecutive weeks. The 15 year also reached an all time low dropping from 4.03 to 4.00.