What to watch out for in the 2014 MBS market

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The Agency MBS-U.S. Treasury basis has remained fairly stable as the market wrestles with shifting rate expectations. Agency MBS bonds posted a positive return of 0.5 percent in the first quarter of 2017. Yields ended the quarter at 2.9 percent, roughly unchanged from the end of 2016.

On this week’s episode of Industry Focus: Tech, host Dylan Lewis and Motley Fool contributor Brian Feroldi review what we know about this business, and what investors should watch out for if they.

Trading The MBS Market: The primary ETF for Mortgage Backed Securities is MBB . Watching how the U.S. 10 Year Treasury bond trades appears to give a slight lead on where the MBS market goes.

New home sales drop in August  · New home sales drop in October Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by Floor Covering Weekly [Washington] Sales of newly built, single-family homes fell to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 544,000 units in October after an upwardly revised september report, according to newly released data by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and.

Key differences between the European RMBS market and US non-agency market 2010, which freezes out private-label MBS issuers in favor of agency issuers. See, e.g., Daniel Immergluck, Private Risk, Public Risk: Public Policy, Market.

FHFA Director Calabria: Net worth sweep is step one, IPOs for GSEs are an option Public Affairs Detail | Federal Housing Finance Agency – An important step on the path to building the necessary capital will be to address the Net Worth Sweep. But it would likely take a very long time to build sufficient capital through retained earnings alone. So, we will be exploring other avenues to raise capital, such as a public offering of some kind.

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Bank REO down 18% from one year ago Cromford Report Daily – Ryan Whyte Team – Wondering what is happening in the Phoenix area real estate market?. Change in active listings without a contract, Feb 16 to Jun 15, 2018 = down 9.5%.. Many locations have seen higher rates than a year ago (including Queen Creek, April 18 – The regular weekly table of Cromford Market Index.

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